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    Optimal Social Security has been a real eye-opener for my wife and me. After reading our individual report we now know a lot more about the Social Security system and feel much more comfortable about our decisions when to begin drawing. Thank you Optimal, you have been a tremendous help to us.
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    A very comprehensive program that takes the guess work out of an important segment of retirement planning. For a very nominal fee, this report saves a lot of leg work in determining you and your spouse's optimum benefits from Social Security. As a former accountant and general manager, I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering retirement or nearing the age of eligibility.
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    Getting close to retirement, my wife and I had a lot of questions about when to start collecting social security. There is a lot of information available about social security, however this site gave us more detailed information and put that information into a format that was easy to understand. I highly recommend this site, to anyone who has questions about when to start collecting social security.
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    My wife and I are considering applying for Social Security benefits so I've been doing some homework on the subject. I have not come across anything as thorough, yet easy to understand, as the analysis that Optimal Social Security has personalized and provided to us. After reviewing the report, we feel confident that the decisions we're making are the right ones for us. Do yourself a favor. Order the report and study it. Don't make mistakes you that you will always regret. A few dollars could save you thousands.
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    I used the "Optimal Social Security" program which provided my wife and me with a great strategy for maximizing our social security benefits upon retirement. I found the program easy to use and accurate. I heartily recommend this product.
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    I had no idea that Social Security would be so confusing! Thanks for making it easy for us to determine the best way to go. I learned so much while reading our report -- we quickly determined how to solve the Social Security "riddle" and will have about $10,000 more per year than we anticipated. THANK YOU!
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    Optimal Social Security recommended a Social Security Strategy for me and my spouse that should give us the greatest benefit for our retirement based on our projected life expectancy. It recommended a strategy I had never heard of before, the Restricted Application Strategy for people born before 1954. A lot of useful information provided that helped us make a good decision pn how to maximize our benefits. This is a very easy to use website.
    Richard A.

Your Retirement Situation is Unique!

Your retirement situation is different than your neighbors and friends. The differences in benefits and age between you and your spouse along with your current health and financial needs make your optimal claiming ages unique to you.